Friendship and leisure

Helping disabled children and young people in Cheshire East enjoy friendship and leisure

Trying new things…making new friends…even something as simple as joining in. They’re all an important part of growing up. But with a disability, they feel so much more difficult.

That’s why our volunteers are there to help you enjoy life as much as possible – whether it’s doing something you want to do or one of the activities we organise. After all, shouldn’t everyone have fun when they’re young?

Many people find it hard to understand what it’s like to have a disability. So we go out to schools, colleges and other organisations to help change the way people think about it. But one group of people that does understand is our volunteers. They love making a difference…and making friends along the way!

Feedback is important to us in providing insight into what we are doing well and where we may need to make improvements.

If you want to tell us about something that’s gone well, please email us.

If you’re not happy with something at Friends for Leisure, please see our Complaints Procedure.

  • I feel I have achieved exactly what I set out to do, gaining the insight which will not only make me a better doctor but a better person … improving communication, teamwork and leadership skills and being able to help people who often struggle, making a real difference, as well as having fun.

    Tom - Volunteer