4th September 2018

FFL are looking for some new trustees to join the team!

Would you like to contribute to the development of Friends for Leisure?

Friends for Leisure is looking for new members to join the Board of Trustees.

Our current Board members possess a wealth of experience in the health and social care, legal, education and business sectors. However, we are keen to enhance the skills set and broaden the range of characters and backgrounds. We want the Board to reflect the views, opinions and values of the people we are working with.

Our Trustees are also Directors of the Charity. The role is voluntary, but reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

These are exciting opportunities for people who are passionate about FFL, the voluntary sector and providing community benefit.

No previous experience of working within a disability organisation is needed but Trustees must:

  • Be enthusiastic about making a difference
  • Want to contribute to a better world
  • Value all people regardless of disability, gender or race
  • Have enough time to make a commitment. The trustees meet for two hours each month and participation in activities and fundraising is encouraged.
  • Bring skills and/or experience to the role – this could be as a parent /carer of a disabled child

Being a Trustee is a rewarding position where you can gain vital skills and experience in leadership, management and strategy, and, more importantly, you can give something back.

For information about the work of the charity, please visit:

If you would like to apply or want more information, please contact the FFL office.

 Tel: 01260 275333