28th September 2018

Claire joins the FFL team

Hi everyone! My name is Claire Addis and I am the new Fundraising Co-ordinator for Friends for Leisure, taking over from Sue Conway.

My job at Friends for Leisure will be to make sure we raise lots of money so that we can keep providing all the fantastic groups and activities that we offer! Sometimes this will involve writing applications to the local council or trusts that give out money to charities. Other times I will be shaking a collecting bucket at an event or convincing people to run a marathon!

I chose to work for Friends for Leisure because of the great work the charity does. The staff and volunteers are also lovely. I’ve worked doing fundraising and marketing for charities for almost 15 years now. I’ve worked with charities like Cancer Research UK, Sense and Carers UK.

I was born in Essex (no Essex girl jokes please!) but have lived in Wolstanton in Staffordshire for the past 10 years. I am married to Tom and have two children, Eva who is 7 and Willow who has just turned 4. They make me laugh so much and we love doing lots of things together including going bowling, watching films at the cinema and going to music festivals. I also have two cats called Minnie and Piggy.

I love watching films. It’s hard to choose my favourite but one I used to watch lots when I was younger and still enjoy watching now with my daughters is Labyrinth, a Jim Henson film with David Bowie in it. The puppets are amazing. I also like to scare myself watching horror movies and am excited about the new Halloween film coming out next month.

My favourite food is curry. The spicier the better! In fact I love most international cuisine – Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican. I’m vegetarian but there are still plenty of options that don’t have meat in.

I love listening to music. My favourite bands include Khruangbin, Foals, Bon Hiver and Burial. I also play the piano and flute plus used to sing and play in a band! I like to go running (although not as far as my husband who does marathons!) and have just started to learn Spanish, although I’m not very good at it yet. Hola!

When I do have some spare time I love to travel. As well as getting to go to exciting places when Tom does another marathon, I used to do lots of backpacking. I’ve been to Australia and New Zealand, America, Canada and Africa. My favourite place though is Japan – I love the culture, the food and the crazy fashions! I hope to go back soon.

An interesting fact is that I do screenprinting with Tom and we started selling what we make last year. We print clothes, bags, art prints and greetings cards. Our brand is called Zombie because we love zombies! Here I am modelling one of our t-shirts, don’t be scared, it’s all special effects make-up, all our models have to look like zombies when they wear our clothing!