24th January 2018

Claire’s profile

Name: Claire Hodkinson


Age: 38

I am the longest serving office volunteer here at Friends for Leisure.

I have a syndrome that affects the left frontal lobe of my brain. This means that I struggle with multi-tasking, map reading, maths, time, handling money, understanding facial expressions and much more.

I live with my mum and dad in Wilmslow.

My hobbies are watching films, playing computer games and watching Star Trek.


Things I do for FFL: shredding, computer work, photocopying, typing up information.

I frequently attend Good Company in Handforth every Tuesday night. I enjoy this because I like being with other people.

I like volunteering every week with Friends for Leisure because I have fun and I get to mix with other people. I particularly like winding up Abi!

My favourite holiday was to San Diego in America because I had lots of good food and got to see my big sister.