31st October 2018

East Cheshire NHS Trust: Open 2 Autism


East Cheshire NHS Trust is working hard to make services more accessible for people with autism and their carers.  Our Open2Autism approach involves training staff so that they are aware of what a person’s needs may be. We have Autism Link staff in wards and departments and we promote our approach so that people feel more comfortable letting staff know that they are on the autistic spectrum.  If staff are aware of a person’s needs they can make reasonable adjustments which help to make a visit to hospital a more positive one.

Reasonable adjustments we can make include:

  • having the first appointment so as to minimise waiting
  • some patients being able to go straight to theatre
  • having information in easy read
  • having a quiet area to wait in. 


If you are coming in to hospital for an appointment or admission and want to discuss how we can help, contact us via our autism help email:


Lyn Bailey

Equality and Patient Experience Manager