30th April 2018

How has FFL helped my son?

How has FFL helped my son?

My son has Autism.

When my son was in year 4 he stopped all activities. He didn’t want to go to school. He lost all his confidence. He couldn’t  keep up with his peers’ social development and felt alone and rejected.


He was assessed by FFL and invited to the drama group, the bowling group and put on the list for a buddy. He was very nervous about going anywhere but with support and encouragement he tried bowling and drama. He loved it. He grew to trust the volunteers and even performed in the end of year play.

Eventually he was given 2 buddies. Sixth form students who came to the house and played board games. Then when he was happy they went bowling, out for tea and round the shops. He was so happy with his buddies. They helped him see that at times all children feel lost or bullied. He could talk to them.

As he got older he joined the Congleton youth group and went out for meals. During the holidays he went golfing, played tennis, and did baking.

As he went on his confidence grew and he blossomed.

He tried mainstream activities and found he could cope with them. Gradually he moved away from FFL and found activities and hobbies that he wished to pursue.

Now he sings in 3 choirs, he’s involved in music groups and church youth groups. He is even a helper at our local Messy Church. FFL paved the way for him to do all of this.

Although he doesn’t participate in FFL groups now, he always goes to sing carols at Handforth Dean at Christmas.

It’s his way of saying thank you.