4th September 2018

It’s cool to be kind

In the last 12 months Friends for Leisure has delivered 21 disability awareness sessions to over 700 people. During each session we asked attendees to join our inclusion pledge and asked schools, colleges and other organisations to get involved to #BeTheGameChanger.

Looking forward, we would like to deliver more sessions to more people.

Our message this year is ‘it’s cool to be kind’.

We regularly hear from our registered families about their child being socially isolated including not being invited to birthday parties and sleepovers, being bullied at school or online, and often being told that their child cannot attend a club/group.

Statistics show that eight out of ten children with a learning disability are bullied and more than half of disabled people say they have experienced hostility, aggression or violence from a stranger because of their condition or impairment. In a study in 2011, nearly two-thirds (65%) of people admitted they avoided disabled people because they do not know how to act around them.

This all comes down to a lack of understanding about disability.

Friends for Leisure want to make a difference and educate others about disability. Do you?

Each disability awareness session is tailored to the school, college or organisation. We can focus on different types of disabilities, appropriate language, bullying, hate crime, etc. The cost of the session will depend on a number of factors, for example length of the session, therefore please contact Jade to receive a quote and to discuss how we can work together.

For more information about a disability awareness session please contact Jade either by phone or email:


    01260 275333