2nd November 2016

Jude Theatre Lifeskills Drama Group

Jude Theatre CIC have a new, exciting drama group starting on Thursday 10th November at Sir William Stanier school. For a limited time the sessions are free. Give it a try – for more information please contact Jude Theatre company: 07974363256.

Jude Theatre have provided information about the group below:
‘Life Skills’ Crewe was created for young people with a Learning Disability or Difficulty with the express aim of using drama techniques to look at issues that matter to that group. It has evolved into a focus on Life Skills that can reduce incidences of Bullying, Mate-crime and exploitation whilst increasing presentation & communication skills, community inclusion and self-efficacy. Our partnership with Sir William Stanier is very important to the way the group will work, with a number of the group coming from the school to support and learn from the rest of the group.Jude Theatre group