4th September 2018

Meet one of our new activity leaders, Cathy!



I’m 51, married to Andy and have two sons. George is 27 and lives in London now but will soon be moving to Sydney, Australia with his Australian girlfriend, Lauren. Jack is 23 and is living back at home following completion of his degree and a diploma at university. He is also interested in working in Australia! Jack has a girlfriend called Stef.


I started working for FFL April this year as an assistant to Jade. Together, we run the Congleton Youth Group. My role is to assist Jade in setting up for our sessions, helping young people to take part in the sessions and to have fun and to ensure everyone is interacting well. Jade and I clear up together once the session is over and chat about how well the session went and if we noted anything that may need sorting out. Can you tell what the theme was for the session below?!


As well as working for FFL, I also work two and a half days at Fallibroome Academy in Macclesfield as a teaching assistant. I love this job even though it can be very challenging, difficult and tiring at times. My favourite subjects are science and art. I have lots of pupils in different years to work with but my main pupil will be in year 11 when we return to school.  It will be a very busy year this time round!


I have another part time job with “Walkies”, too. I do this twice a week and love it, too! I enjoy being out in the fresh air and exercising dogs for people who are out at work or unable to get their dogs exercised properly for whatever reason. I sometimes have dogs to stay with us in our home, too.

My hobbies are very varied! I love spending time with my family and friends. I love to be active, walking my dog, gardening, running and generally being outdoors. I enjoy baking very much and seeing people enjoy what I have made! I also enjoy quiet time alone to read a good book with a cup of tea!


I love all kinds of music and we usually have something on at home. I am particularly fond of “The Foo Fighters”, “Elbow” and “Muse”. I have seen all these bands and really enjoyed them live.  I love eighties music and have dressed up lots of times for parties and events with this music on! I love singing, too….but I’m not too good so I tend to do this when no one else is around!


Art – I do like art and took it as one of my O levels (now GCSEs). I enjoy looking at paintings and have art on my wall by both my dad and mother in law who are very good at painting. I also like sculpture and aim to get to the Yorkshire sculpture park at some point.


Films- I do love films but rarely get to the cinema these days. It’s quite expensive, too, so both my husband, Andy, and I really have to want to see a film before we decide to go. The last film I saw was “The Greatest Showman” which I loved! My favourite film of all time (bit cheesy!) is “Dirty Dancing”. I love the music and the story of Baby and Johnny!


I have done quite a lot of fund raising over the last few years for various charities. I usually run the Macmillan “Biggest Coffee Morning” event at  Fallibroome Academy. Using my baking skills, I have also raised money towards a special wheelchair for the son of my friend at work. I have held cake events at home, too, in support of Cancer Research and The Brain Tumour Charity. Using my running skills I have raised money for East Cheshire Hospice. I would be very happy to use my skills to help raise funds for FFL.


I have just had a wonderful holiday in France with Andy. We flew to Limoges, spent one night there then drove to Perigeux for a week. We then drove to Brive for one night then back to Limoges to fly home. It was very hot while we were there but we had a great time eating, drinking and sight-seeing. We also hired bikes and walked a lot. We like to have a holiday abroad once a year if we can. We also like to take holidays in this country to see family, friends and to go to the seaside.

Pets – we have a ten and a half year old Labrador called Isla. She is a very important part of our family and we all love her to bits. She is very good (apart from being a bit grumpy with other dogs sometimes! She seems to think she is better than all other dogs!) She comes with me on Thursdays and Fridays in the afternoon to walk other dogs for my job with “Walkies”. She really enjoys this and I do, too.


An interesting fact about me – I was a hotel representative before I had my boys and lived on the Greek island of Kos! It was a fun job but hard work at times. We had to go to the airport at all times of the day and night to collect guests and get them to their accommodation safely. I’m glad I did it but not sure I could manage the strange hours of work now! I love sleeping too much!