28th September 2018

Papyrus-Prevention of young suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day is an annual awareness raising event. Join us each year on 10 September and reach out to people who may be struggling to cope.

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people – male and female – aged under 35 in the UK.

Yet suicide is a taboo subject, it is not talked about. This stigma promotes silence, which is killing young people.


Feeling suicidal?

If you are thinking about suicide, this can be a very confusing and lonely experience.  If you are thinking about suicide, you are not alone in feeling like this. The most important thing to know right now is that there is help available.

First of all- Tell someone how you are feeling. This can feel really scary and you might be worried or have doubts about who to tell or how they might react. It might be helpful to call a helpline such as HOPELineUK to plan out who to approach and what to say to them fist.

Worried about someone else?

It can be daunting to approach someone who is struggling to cope; you may not know what to say, how to start a difficult conversation or worry that you’ll make things worse. However, you don’t need to be an expert. Often, just asking if someone’s OK and letting them know you’re listening can give people the confidence to open up about how they’re feeling.

Many people worry that asking about suicide might put the idea into a person’s head, or offend or anger them in some way, however research indicates that asking does not increase the risk.

Jade and Abi, Friends for Leisure staff, have volunteered for Papyrus. Papyrus are the national charity for the prevention of young suicide. Papyrus draw from the experience of many who have been touched personally by young suicide across the UK and speak on their behalf in our campaigns and in our work. Papyrus is an amazing charity, which saves young lives.

To find out more about Papyrus visit the website