31st July 2018

Paul’s Profile

What do you do for Friends for Leisure? Chair of Trustees

How long have you been a trustee for Friends for Leisure?  I think about 15 years

Why did you choose to be a trustee for FFL instead of anywhere else? nowhere else would have me

What is your favourite music? any piece without sharp or flat notes in it

What do you do for a living? solicitor

What is your favourite food? pasta

What is your favourite book? The Baron in the Trees

What are your hobbies and interests? Cooking, cricket ,rugby league, running ,swimming, reading, music

What is your favourite sport? cricket and rugby league

Do you have any top tips for fundraising? never stop looking for funding and asking other charities how they are funded

Have you ever been to any youth group activities? lots of activities – bowling, tennis, golf and bug collecting are my favourites