30th November 2018

Self Care and Stress Awareness

This month, Friends for Leisure have been looking at self-care as it was self care week between 12th-18th November and National Stress Awareness Day on 7th November. 

Macclesfield youth group kicked off the month with a yoga session. The group discussed stress-what it is, how does stress feel and ways that we can de-stress. The young people and volunteers had some excellent ideas for de-stressing such as taking deep breaths, eating chocolate (yes please!), watching a film, listening to calming music, getting a good night sleep and spending time with animals.



Sarah Cheetham joined the group and taught them some yoga positions such as the scared cat, a tree, a cow, a snake and a bee. Th room felt relaxed and quiet as everyone listened to Sarah’s instructions!


As well as talking to our young people about self care, the Friends for Leisure team have been thinking about ways to support their own mental health by taking part in a peer-led mental health session, facilitated by The Blurt Foundation. The Blurt Foundation, founded by Jayne Hardy, aims to increase awareness and understanding of depression and their website is full of resources, blog posts and products to help young people, adults and the professionals that may work with them. You can find out more at   


The session focused on self-care and each member of the team made a self-care declaration and thought about different ways they could implement self care into their day.



Self care is the actions we undertake to look after ourselves, physically, socially, emotionally and mentally.


-our relationships with other people   

-the relationship we have with ourselves

-ensuring that our behaviour and attitude aligns with who we truly are

-treating ourselves with the attention, kindness and respect we deserve.

Find out more about self care