7th June 2017

Support from Keele University students

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a group of students at Keele University, who are the committee for the Athletics Union. They were planning a long bike ride around 18 universities and wanted to know if we would like them to donate their sponsorship money. Of course, we were delighted and said yes!

Just before half term, Meghan, Gel and Tom came over to the office to borrow one of our banners and some collecting tubs. We were very impressed with the tee-shirts with our logo on. 

The story of their ride, along with photos taken each day, can be seen on their Facebook page, AU Committee BUCS Charity Cycle Tour.

The team finished their ride on Monday evening, having had a day of pouring rain.

In total, they rode about 390 miles, with huge relief as they got back to Keele.

If you would like to make a donation to the team, which will come to Friends for Leisure, please visit their Justgiving page.

Many, many thanks to the team for supporting Friends for Leisure, and to everyone who made donations.